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Welcome to FLY Krew — A free, community supported Performing Dance Company in Tyler, Texas

!!! FLY Krew News !!!

After four years of fun rehearsing and performing, the FLY KiDS/FLY Krew program will be shutting down at the end of May. We have enjoyed many experiences with the dancers and parents who participated in this program. We appreciate all the time and effort they have given to this program. Besides having a lot of fun and interesting performing experiences, we hope that the dancers have learned a lot about dance, choreography, costuming, staging, music, and especially performing. In addition, we hope they learned some life lessons that will carry forward in their lives into adulthood. We have had a bunch of great kids and enjoyed them all. We wish them the very best that life offers and hope that they will set their goals high and work hard to achieve them. It can be amazing what can be accomplished with a vision, strong character, and determination. Aim high and go for it!

We have had a long and wonderful relationship with director Ann Santana and her staff at the Glass Recreation Center which has hosted this program and, in a very large sense, made it possible. Our thanks go to all of them and the City of Tyler for this opportunity.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this program with time, labor, funding, or other forms of contribution.

We will be moving back to Houston for personal reasons. We will miss everyone associated with FLY KiDS/FLY Krew.

Kathy and Mike Wood
(Both FLYKREW.NET and FLYKIDS.NET will take you to this website.)

!! Up-Coming Events!!

Final Concert and Party at the Glass Rec. Center
Fri., May 9
As the FLY Krew/FLY KiDS program is shutting down at the end of May (see the statement above), there will be a final concert and party at "our home" at the Glass Recreation Center. All former members of FLY KiDS are invited back to visit with old friends and join in the finale "freestyle" that FLY KiDS and FLY Krew are noted for. During the party there will probably be even more dancing, just for fun. An email has been sent out to all the former members who had an email address on file. Since we would like all former members to be notified, we are asking that all former FLY KiDS and FLY Krew members invite those they are in contact with to come to the concert/party. Everyone is welcome and we are looking forward to the reunion.

Dance Dimensions Recital
Sun., May 25
Although FLY Krew/FLY KiDS and Dance Dimensions of Mineola have been competitors at several dance competitions, they have become close friends. FLY Krew has been honored with an invitation to perform on Dance Dimensions annual recital to be held in Gladewater, TX. This is an appropriate last performance for the FLY Krew/FLY KiDS program as we believe in making friends even though we may sometimes be competitors. Thanks to Koni Riley, Dance Dimensions director, her dancers, and parents for this invitation and their support of FLY KiDS and FLY Krew's performances and workshops.


!! Event Reporting!!

Tyler Civic Theater "Hair Spray" Auditions Sun., Apr. 19, 2014
At the MA competition, the Tyler Civic Theater's education director was impressed with FLY Krew's performing skills and approached FLY Krew director Kathy Wood about their auditioning for the theater's upcoming production of Broadway musical "Hair Spray". Kathy thought it would be a good experience for the members and they agreed. They attended the required workshop where they learned the dance choreography which they practiced later at FLY Krew rehearsals along with singing and delivering lines. At audition FLY Krew members did very well. Ryan Jackson, Chloe Durham, and Chris Jackson were chosen as well as N'Kima Browning, a former FLY KiD. Congratulations to all four. "Hair Spray" will have a seven-performance run when it is performed at the Tyler Civic Theater.

ArtWalk Sat., Apr. 5, 2014
FLY Krew joined forces with Mineola's Dance Dimensions studio dancers to entertain the ArtWalk attendees. Afterward they went into businesses on the square and "flashed mobbed". After that they went to Gallery Main Street and got into their bright colored stretch fabric bags to make living sulptures for the art patrons to observe and photograph.

Fun Day in the Park Sun., Mar. 30, 2014
FLY Krew made its annual appearance on the Bergfeld Park stage performing a short concert of favorite pieces and adding the new piece by the boys trio. At the concert's end, FLY Krew freestyled and then invited kids from the audience to join them for fun on stage.

TASCA Fundraiser Sat., Mar. 29, 2014
Ballroom dancing, Tyler Ballet, and FLY Krew were the featured entertainment for the fundraiser. FLY Krew performed their signature piece, "Cool Pops", which was a lot of fun for the audience. Later FLY Krew created even more fun by starting a "soul train" for all the dancers and the audience. A good time was had by all.

Tyler Hair Design Show Sun., Mar. 16, 2014
FLY Krew was the featured entertainment at the Hair Design Show performing their piece called "Let's Get Down to Business".

MA Dance Competition Sat., Feb. 15, 2014
FLY Krew was back at TJC's Wagstaff Gym for MA's east Texas regional competition. They performed and were awarded for outstanding performances in three group categories and one trio. Once again, FLY Krew was the crowd favorite and were even asked for autographs and treated as celebrities. It was a great day for FLY Krew.

Basketball Halftime - TJC vs. Trinity Valley Sat., Feb. 8, 2014
FLY Krew came straight from the SFA competition to perform at the TJC men's game with Trinity Valley for an appreciative crowd of about 700 fans.

SFA Competition Sat., Feb. 8, 2014
FLY Krew traveled to Nacogdoches, TX and competed at SFA's dance competition displaying their style and performing skills to a new audience and seeing new groups.

Basketball Halftime - TJC vs. Lee College Wed., Dec. 11, 2013
The TJC men hosted the Lee College team. At halftime, FLY Krew jammed out on "JAM-X".

ArtWalk on Pearl Harbor Day Sat., Dec. 7, 2013
The December ArtWalk had a patriotic flavor in recognition of
Pearl Harbor Day. FLY Krew performed in the Fair Oil building due to the cold weather for a small but appreciative crowd.

Basketball Halftime - TJC vs. Weatherford College Sat., Nov. 16, 2013
This was FLY Krew's first TJC basketball halftime appearance of the season as the TJC men took on Weatherford College. This crowd is always fun to perform for. Our thanks go to Tim Drain, TJC Athletic Director, for the invitation.

Glass Rec. Center Fall Festival Thu., Oct. 24, 2013
A big crowd of costumed kids and parents were at the Glass Rec. Center for its Fall Festival activities which included a short concert by FLY Krew. At its end, audience members of all ages were invited to join the FLY Krew members dancing "freestyle". The Glass Rec. Center is home for FLY Krew and we are proud to be a part of this annual community celebration.

Multi-Cultural Arts Festival Sat., Oct. 5, 2013
FLY Krew performed at Liberty Hall as part of the Multi-Cultural Arts Festival presented by The Arts & Humanities Council of East Texas. They performed 15 minutes of new and repertory pieces and received a standing ovation.

Tour de Arts Festival Sat., Sep. 21, 2013
After accepting a last-minute invitation from the City of Rosenberg (a Houston suburb) for their Tour de Arts festival, FLY KiDS took a quick road trip to perform. In their two performances FLY KiDS enthralled the festivals audiences and thrilled the festival's director. This was FLY KiDS biggest paid engagement thus far. After performing the dancers made a trip to Houston's Galleria where they shopped and ice skated. Back at the hotel, everyone hit the pool for more fun. Sunday FLY KiDS performed at the WE Church in Houston before returning to Tyler ... exhausted.

Boys and Girls Club's Day for Kids Sat., Sep. 14, 2013
Bergfeld park was filled with activities for boys and girls put on by the Boys and Girls Club of Tyler. Once again FLY KiDS was honored by an invitation to perform at "A Day for Kids." This time they performed twice for about 30 minutes each time always finishing by inviting kids from the audience to come on stage and dance with them. Everyone had a great time.

FLY KiDS Summer Camp and Fundraiser Performance
Mon.-Fri., Aug. 12, 2013
The fourth FLY KiDS Summer Camp was held at the Glass Recreation Center for current and prospective FLY KiDS members. This camp is an unofficial kick-off of FLY KiDS season. It was five days of work and fun learning new moves and new choreography from Houston's Chris Gamez and FLY KiDS director Kathy Wood. The camp ended on Friday with workshops by the newly re-formed professional FLY Dance Company for FLY KiDS and our good friends Dance Dimensions of Mineola. The camp activities ended with a concert performance by FLY KiDS and a preview performance of FLY Dance Company's new touring concert. It was a treat to see what these professionals could do.

New Life Church Youth Festival Fri., Aug. 2, 2013
FLY KiDS were invited to perform for the participants, parents, and friends at this year's Youth Festival at Tyler's New Life Church. This was the first time FLY KiDS performed at a church and the dancers enjoyed it a lot. We welcome future invitations to perform at other Tyler-area churches.

ArtWalk Sat., Jun. 29, 2013
FLY KiDS were preceeded by Tyler's Ballet Folklorico and followed by "everyone's invited" linedancing for two hours of on-stage entertainment. "Flash mobs" inside downtown businesses added zest to the ArtWalk activities. An audience of about 200 appreciated the variety and enjoyed participating.

St. Paul Neighborhood Festival Thu., Jun. 20, 2013
FLY KiDS entertained kids and parents at the St. Paul festival with a 30-minute performance of new and repertory pieces. It was a fun event.

Fashionetta Sat., Apr. 27, 2013
FLY KiDS had another great time performing for the AKA Fashionetta pagent. Thanks, Greata and all the other AKA alumns for the invitation and contribution to our program.

ArtWalk Sat., Apr. 6, 2013
FLY KiDS were joined by Dance Dimensions of Mineola for an hour of on-stage performances followed by joint "flash mobs" inside businesses around the Tyler's downtown plaza. Both groups and an audience of about 150 had a great time. Thanks to Beverly Abell and Heart of Tyler for providing the stage and new vinyl dance floor.

Mini Maker Faire Sat., Mar. 23, 2013
FLY KiDS performed twice at the Discovery Science Place for for a total of approximately 200 kids and parents in attending the Mini Maker Faire. Between performances, FLY KiDS viewed the science projects and demonstrations and participated in various science activities for an enjoyable and informative experience.